NY Run Academy

We’ve Got You Covered

NY Run Academy is built on a deep understanding of exercise physiology, sports performance and tailored coaching expertise. Our founders and Doctors of Physical Therapy Brendan and Aubrey utilize over a decade of experience in treatment, alongside expert coaching staff, to create a custom-tailored training plan for you to hit your goals and prevent injuries along the way.


Running Coaching

Goal-oriented coaching with training plans crafted around you from our decades of experience. Whether it’s your first race or an OTQ, we can help.

Physical Therapy

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Treatments and rehabilitation methods backed by science and delivered by our expert PTs will get you back on track healthier and stronger than ever.


Gait Analysis

In-depth analysis of your running gait aims to identify instabilities and address them before problems occur.

Strength Training

Tailored strength and conditioning training plans that work in harmony with your goals and built around your schedule. 

Triathlon Coaching

Fully guided training plans across all three disciplines; built from our extensive background in the sport and years of coaching experience at all levels.

What You Get

1:1 Coaching

Customized Plan

In-office Treatment

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