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I am a working professional with a very demanding schedule so finding the time to run and put together workouts was impossible for me to do on my own.  I started working with Coach Brendan Martin in 2019, and he has shown me that I can still train at a high level and achieve new PRs even at this stage in my life while still pursuing my career as a pediatric neurologist. Coach Brendan has done a fantastic job to individualize my training to fit around my career.  I have been working with Brendan for over 2 years and throughout this time he has done an incredible job learning what works for me as a runner to allow me to achieve my greatest potential.  Since working with Coach Brendan, I have qualified for my first U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in 2020 after running a 2:18.21 in my debut marathon at the California International Marathon.  Brendan has also been instrumental in providing strength training and rehabilitation tips to help me stay healthy during my training blocks.  Being able to compete at a high level while working as a full time pediatric neurologist has certainly been challenging, but having a supportive, knowledgeable, and very-available coach like Coach Brendan, has made this challenge achievable!

Duriel Hardy

I started going to Brendan for physical therapy in early 2020 when I was plagued by a persistent case of achilles tendonitis with nerve complication. He worked with me on building back up the surrounding muscles and un-pinching the nerve. Returning to running was always the number one goal with Brendan, which wasn’t the case with other physical therapists I had seen prior to him. After he helped me ease back into running post-achilles tendonitis I went on to qualify for the Boston Marathon. At this point I also started working with him as a running coach. In a period of 6 months Brendan helped bring my marathon PR down further, from 3:25 to 3:06. I find his training plans challenging yet attainable and very accurately-tailored to my ability.

Brendan’s expertise as a PT and his years of experience as a coach are very complementary when it comes to guiding me to achieve my running goals. Over the years Brendan has helped me through the setbacks that are an inevitable part of being a marathon runner. I feel that Brendan always has time to answer any training and/or injury-related questions. He’s a great person to work with and I highly recommend him as both a PT and a coach.

Alana Pipe

I am a 51 year old locally competitive runner who has worked with Brendan for almost three years both as a coach and as a PT. In both capacities he is incredibly able.  He is very smart, thoughtful and well-informed.As a coach he helped me improve my PR’s in the 5k and Marathon (coaching me to to 2:48:41 at age 50) and has given me spot-on race strategy advice.

Ravenna, his co-coach, is also a superstar.  Like Brendan, she is super smart and adept.  She also has a great instinctive touch.  I have (and will continue to) strongly recommend Brendan and Ravenna to my runner friends.

As a PT—Brendan has kept me healthy, fresh and strong.  His experience as a high-level athlete delivers a unique and valuable perspective to his clients.

That said, my favorite thing about Brendan is how much he genuinely cares.  His sincerity, thoughtfulness and responsiveness sets him clearly apart from his competitors.

Joe Chan

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